Two Cordons for York - Santos 2002(1)

Map showing location of two cordons devised for study

Inner Cordon
- Inner cordon

Outer Cordon
- Outer cordon

The above map shows the system that was modelled for York in the studies. The Outer City zone covers the city inside the Outer Ring Road (the Park and Ride sites are not covered). The Inner City zone covers the city centre inside the Inner Ring Road.

The studies on York have shown that a price of between 16 and 21 pence per passenger kilometer travelled brings the cost of driving in York up to the level of the social costs previously mentioned. Converting these to cordon tolls, the studies showed that as of 2004 the appropriate prices to be paid by peak-time traffic were...(2)

£1.43 to enter the City of York, plus an extra
£1.15 to enter the City Centre.

In practice, it would probably be easier(3) to round the figures, so between friends let's say £1.40 and £1.10.

Notes and References

From Double Cordons in Urban Areas to Increase Social Welfare (Santos, 2002)

Adjusted from 1998 prices (1.25 and 1) quoted in the study. As was mentioned before, York is unique among the cities studied in that these figures did not vary with the diffent elasticity of demands - in other words, it is less likely that unpredictable changed driving habits in reaction to the tolls will throw a spanner in the works.

Purely to avoid fiddling with small change.